About Us

We call it the Warner Way. We’re SMARTER, STRONGER AND BETTER at making tools and giving our customers the support they need to be successful.


We listen to our customers and consumers to develop tools that fit their needs and will be successful in the marketplace. Ultimately for us, the proof that we are smarter at our business is in the design of our tools, their durability and their ease of use.


We enjoy pushing our innovations from good to great. Even in areas where we have significant product strength, we keep generating ways to make our products better. Our company began in 1927, and our staying power is a testament to our strength. Our tools are made to last by a skilled team of hard-working men and women who take pride in building quality into every product – right here in the USA.


Our goal is to give our customers the best customer service the industry has to offer and to give consumers the best information they need to complete their projects. We live by the creed be honest, trustworthy and loyal. This represents the Warner Way of working with our customers.

The Warner Legacy

Warner Tool Products was founded in 1927, by Harry Warner. Harry used to say the only thing you have that is worth anything is your name. To keep your name, you’ve got to provide customers value and put every customer first. The Warner family is still active in the company, continuing the legacy, four generations later.


Largest US Manufacturer of Paint Tools
Warner is the Industry Leader in Product Design & Innovation
Warner is an Industry Leader in Paint Tool Category

Warner is known for high performance products that other manufacturers can only try to imitate.

A few of our firsts:

Wallpaper SteamerFirst ever item brought to market.